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Small to medium-sized Enterprise (SME).

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Outsourcing dilemma

Outsourcing even standard apps can easily cost 20,000€ and requires a lot of time and competence. This keeps millions of SMEs from going mobile and halts their ability to improve service, customer communications and brand loyalty.

Our innovative platform solves this problem and allows SMEs to have their own niche specific app for a small monthly fee.

CloudFaces is dedicated to solve this problem.


Our solution

White label reseller platform

You focus on sales, we manage the technology

User-friendly CMS

Effective communication & management


Modular technology

No development time per app

Custom features

Specific functionality for niche industries

API integration

REST API to integrate external data

Boost your business

We primarily look for leading service providers in niche markets, such as digital agencies or telecommunications companies. Our partners can provide more value to their clients by offering our app building capacities on a white label basis.

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The mobile world

1.4 B sales

$188 B

288 B

85% of consumers

TThis many consumers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. Mobile apps provide more intuitive functionality, responding quicker.


SMEs should go mobile

Many SMEs rely heavily on loyal customers. A restaurant might have 100 loyal customers using the app. The benefits will affect 20-30% of revenues directly and customer retention indirectly.

Also, the end customer is only loyal to a small number of SMEs. Therefore, she or he can make good use of relevant apps, even when there are hundreds of them around.

Relevant businesses are:

  • Restaurants
  • Consultants
  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Coaches
  • Facility management
  • Taxi companies
  • Events

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