21st century app factory

Smart production line with modular engineering makes app creation very efficient and affordable.

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The essentials

Cost efficient

Short time to market

High quality

Our platform

CLAP (CloudFaces Application Platform) runs over a centralized platform to which partners and business clients have access. This allows for quick and easy communication between you, your clients and CloudFaces.

Available modules

We have more than 100 modules with specific and unique functions in our portfolio.

All of our partners and their clients have access to all developed modules, which can be integrated in an app within minutes.

For more information, see "Our Modules"

(different subtypes with different designs & fuctions)


What we do


Offer new services (apps and mobile websites) with our white label platform.


You and your clients can place orders on our white label platform branded with your logo by choosing from a set of modules..


For new sectors we develop first building blocks with the functions you need..


With a niche specific module-portfolio, we can serve potentially thousands of clients..


Now you have access to a well-oiled factory for apps running completely under your brand.


Our goal

Our module portfolio keeps growing to give you more choice.

We improve our technology continuously to make app development more efficient.

Ultimately, we aim to reduce the development time of a new app to under an hour by a non-programmer.

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